What’s all this word for the year actually really about?

You may have seen a lot of this recently on social media, posts asking what is your word for 2021, or what was your word for 2020? So, what is all the hype about with regards to having a word for the year, what’s the real point?

Well, every word has a meaning, that meaning relates to your thoughts, ideas, experiences and these all evoke your emotions; and this is exactly the mix you need to set out an amazing mission which then turns into amazing goals that deliver, because you are starting from the very core of you and what you want and why.

So just one word, it can actually sum up so much more than you realise. Take my word for 2021 which is ‘REACH’, this is my word as in 2021 I want to reach as many people as I possibly can so that if they need my help, they can easily access it.

If you’d like to know more about why I picked ‘REACH’ for 2021 click here

In summing up my mission in just one word, it makes decisions a lot easier, the question to ask is, does this decision enable me to reach more people as well as continuing to reach those I have, if the answer is YES press GO, if the answer is NO, press STOP.

Every decision I make for my business throughout 2021 will be influenced by whether it grows and sustains my REACH, or it doesn’t. Making life a lot simpler for me and my team.

So how do you select your word then?

1) Think of the 1st January 2022, where do you want to be then? What possibilities do you want to have opened the door too? Jot your thoughts down

Tip – if jotting down your thoughts or writing lists just isn’t you, try drawing it out instead, pictures/diagrams are very powerful in clearing the mind so you can see what you really want

2) Then work backwards, to get what you desire for the start of 2022, what needs to happen in 2021 for you?

3) Now you have clarity on what needs to happen in 2021, to make the start of 2022 as you desire. Take some time to look at what you’ve noted and start thinking about the one word for you that sums up what you need to focus on in 2021 to get the start of 2022 as you desire

Now you can set about setting your goals for 2021 around your word for 2021

If you’d like to know more about why I picked ‘REACH’ for 2021 click here

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