When did you last ask for what you need?

When was the last time you asked for what you need?

As the leader of a team, so often your gaze is firmly fixed on what the team needs, how you can get that for them and supporting and encouraging them to be their best.

Which is brilliant.


If you’ve forgotten to think about yourself the chances are, you aren’t asking for what you need.

Why does this matter?

So, let’s start with asking your team for what you need. Why is that a good plan?

  • It builds trust, you’ve opened up to them and they feel respected and valued.

  • It lightens your load, if someone in the team can take something off you, it’s win-win, great for their development, great for your headspace and capacity to focus on being the best of you

  • You don’t feel alone with it all, you realise your team is there to help, but they can’t help, if you don’t ask, they aren’t mind readers remember!

Asking for what you need outside of your team. Why is that a good plan?

  • No one knows everything, it’s not only okay, it’s a fact for every person, we need support, guidance, advice and knowledge to move forward in life, but if you don’t ask for it, you’ll carry on having to cope with lacking what you need and how exhausting is that!

  • Asking management/stakeholders/the board for what you need is actually essential. They’ll expect high performance from yourself and your team and if there is something you need, that isn’t available, if they are aware of that need, they can resolve it for you. Remember – they are there to support you, let them do that by telling them what you need from them. It’s a two-way relationship don’t forget.

  • You’ll grow in your own development and capability, it’s provides you with an opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and insight into new things enabling you to expand on your potential and what you can do next and in your future.

So, now, how does asking for what you need feel?

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