Upcoming Events

  • From Stuck to Soaring
    Tue, 25 May
    Online Webinar
    Can you imagine how it would feel to achieve everything you’re truly capable of? To feel that you are being 100% you, on your terms and that you can go after the success you want without feeling selfish or greedy?
  • How to STAY Calm and Composed no matter what is hitting the fan!
    Tue, 09 Feb
    Online Webinar
    So you no longer need to fake you have it all together!
  • How to stay calm and composed no matter what is hitting the fan
    Fri, 08 Jan
    Online Webinar - Be Calm and Composed
    Be Calm and Composed instead of Anxious and in Fire-Fighting Mode
  • 7 Day Challenge
    Thu, 17 Dec
    Online Challenge
    As the picture above points out, selfcare is not a luxury, yet we so often forget to make it a priority for ourselves.
  • The Power of Your Language in Your Goals
    Tue, 10 Dec
    Online Event
    Have you ever thought about the language you use when you write your goals? Or have you just thought about it from the goal end point? If you only look at your goals from there end point, you are missing out. Come along to this online event via zoom and I'll share with you what you are missing