Being YOUR Biggest Champion

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you, were you biggest champion! That you lifted up your confidence and self-esteem, believed in yourself and didn’t easily fall into the habit of being your harshest critic.

Did you smile as you read that and think, it would be, but that’s not possible?

Well, actually it is and if you give me a few moments of your time to read on, I’ll explain how and share a simple technique for you to follow, so you get to experience it yourself, so not only do you understand why it’s possible, you’ve actually experienced doing it yourself.

To start with, I need to explain about the two roles your voice has.

The TWO roles

One of its roles is to communicate with others and the other, is to communicate with yourself, these are called your Outer and your Inner voice (also known as Self Talk).

As we acquire language in childhood, we not only learn the words for things, their name, we also learn how to structure our sentences with the words we have learnt to communicate with others.

The next step is to learn the social rules to communication, what to say, when to say it, the impression this will give to the person we are talking too about who we are. There is far more involved in our learning journey for our Outer Voice than my description, however I’m going to move onto our Inner Voice as that’s the meaningful piece in this blog.

Whilst we are on this learning journey our Inner Voice is working away to support us.

The Inner Voice has three jobs;

1) To enable you to follow an instruction, as in remember the details as your carry out the instruction.

2) To enable you to decide what you think or feel about something for example enabling you to decide if you agree or disagree with something someone is telling you.

3) To tell yourself, what you think about yourself.

The key thing to note here is, we have never had a learning journey with our Inner Voice, no one ever shared with us as we grew how to use our inner voice to our advantage, so we’ve missed out on something amazing, how to make our Inner Voice our friend, our biggest champion!

Imagine having your Inner Voice boost your confidence as you commenced doing something you’ve not done before and are worried about how it will go? Wouldn’t that be amazing, rather than what often happens is our Inner Voice is full of negative, anxious language as we step into the unknown.

The very best way to learn how to make you Inner Voice your friend and not your foe, is to practice. So please think of something that you are worrying about doing, it can be work or home and make a list of the things you are saying to yourself, things such as “what if I can’t do it”. Once you’ve made this list, I would then like you to start a new list titled ‘The difference it will make’ and then I’d like you to make a list of all the differences you shall make by achieving what you are worrying about.

Now you have two lists for your Inner Voice to choose from, the foe list, full of the worries and concerns you have about delivering what you need to achieve and your friend list, full of all the positives you shall achieve by delivering. When we focus our mind on the positive outcomes of our actions, we boost our confidence and self-esteem massively, we believe it is possible and are far more comfortable to ask for help as well.

Now you have a choice to make, which list do you let your Inner Voice focused upon? I highly recommend your ‘The difference is will make’ list.

As you can see, with abit of work and focus on what we are letting our Inner Voice say to us, we can switch it from our foe to our friend and just like when we learnt to use our Outer Voice, the more we practice, the better we get.

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