What To Do When Everyday Is A Shit Day

We have all had shit days in our business. Anyone who says they haven't is probably fibbing.  But what happens when shit days turn into shit weeks that turn into shit months? When you feel that everyday is a shit day, it drags you down.  You become mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. You may lurch from tearful and upset to angry and frustrated.  

When this situation is prolonged you might take it out on the people closest to you. You don’t want to, and you hate yourself for doing it, but your frustration needs an outlet.  Like a pressure cooker, you may feel like you are about to explode and it scares you.  

When this starts happening, you don’t feel like you anymore and you feel out of control, you risk not only your own health but also your relationships and your livelihood.  

This is a common experience for many business owners.  Running your own business takes energy and commitment. It is harder to step away from your own business and you can’t just book the odd day annual leave or take a sick day.   Running a business is an emotional rollercoaster with massive ups and huge downs. In the downs it really can feel like everyday is shit and you struggle to see a way out.  

You don’t have to accept this as your new normal.  There is a way to turn things around. 

So what can you do when this is where you are?

For immediate relief of these symptoms the first thing you can do is  take yourself somewhere quiet. No people, no phones, just you and quiet. Just be in that space for ten minutes.  In the first two minutes do the following;

  • Focus on your breathing, getting it even and calm. Counting may help.

  • Stretch out your fingers whilst having your hands resting against your legs to relax your hands.  

  • Note the position of your shoulders, if they feel hunched then gently rotate them in a circle to get them relaxed. Now focus on keeping your body relaxed and your breathing even and calm. If it helps, keep your eyes closed.

After ten minutes you will be feeling calmer and this will help you to think more clearly and make decisions. 

You can then move onto the next step. Remain in the quiet spot and with paper and a pen write down this question;

“What is the value I deliver to my customers”

Spend some time thinking about your answer.  If you prefer to answer with a drawing rather than words that works just as well.

The answer will remind you of the value you deliver and why it fires you up to deliver it.

Use these answers to get to work on your goals.  Understanding and immersing yourself in your goals, really feeling them is how you will transform your days.  Set this time aside to help bring you back from feeling shit to feeling excited. If you want to be motivated and energised when you come into the office, remember the value that you bring and the impact you have on the people you serve.  

I work with clients who are stuck and feel like “everyday is a shit day”.  They feel like things will never get better, but that’s not the case.  

If you’ve lost the love for your business and you’re wondering how long you can keep going, get in touch.  I’ll talk you through how I can help you.

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