The importance of having your next career goal!

Next career goal?? I’m focusing on my current career right now! This is something I hear time and time again when I meet people and start the discussion about current and next career. However if you aren't planning your future, don't be surprised if you get stuck in the present and unclear where to go next. Thinking about your current career and next career goal together enables you to maximise on the opportunities from your current career to be building your future career.

Having your next career goal is important whether you are an employee, a business owner or/and an entrepreneur. Your career is about you, what you are doing and contributing in your professional life and it's vital that it fits your motivations and aspirations.

I use the term career rather than role intentionally here. In considering where you go next as a career next goal, not your next role, you will widen what you consider and therefore increase your opportunities.

Whilst it is important to focus on your current career to maximise what you are getting from it, in the future you need to be ready for your next challenge. If, you don’t know what that challenge is, and you wait until you feel the need for something new, then you run the risk of feeling demotivated and your confidence and self-esteem starting to reduce.

This is why, I always say to my clients, we need to look at now and the future together, not separate, the future can’t wait.

When thinking about your next career goal, consider these three questions;

1) What do I want in my next career?

2) What do I need to get from my next career?

3) What will I have when I get my next career?

Once you have the answers to these three questions, you have started to build a clear picture on your next career goal. This picture doesn't have to crystal clear at first, it needs to exist and highlight where clarity needs to be sourced so you can take action to get the picture crystal clear so you have your next career goal insight.

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