Did you do this as a child?

Although we may not have felt it at the time, making decisions as a child wasn't such a head scratcher in comparison to be being an adult was it! Do you remember the rhyme you used to chant to make decisions such as 'eeny, meeny, miny, moe?

They were very effective too, those rhyme, even our toughest decisions such as which sweets should we buy because we couldn't afford all the ones we wanted were resolved chanting are favourite childhood rhythm.

So how to make a decision then, if our trusty childhood rhyme can't help us out?

Here's a strategy I find very effective if I'm struggling to make a decision.

1. Get a clear picture

Write out the situation, we often, when making decisions try to keep all the pieces of information together in our heads, this means things can get muddled. So by putting it down on paper you can get a clear view of the situation.

2. What's missing?

Answer the question 'what information am I missing?' Not having the full picture is often the real reason we aren't making a decision because we don't know enough to confidently decide.

3. Where or from who?

Find the missing information by considering where can you find it or from who?

4. Get clarity

Repeat step one this time including what you didn't know previously. Read through it several times so you have clarity on the situation and then make your decision, if you still can't then it's time for step 5.

5. Ask for help

If you are still unable to make a decision, it's time to ask for some help. Getting another person's perspective can make all the difference if you are struggling with a decision.

Tip - If you do step 5, remember to share with the person you ask for help what you wrote out in step 4, they'll gain an understanding far quicker by reading it and then you can go into having a discussion about it.

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