Do you forget to celebrate YOU?

How many times have you achieved something amazing and then forgotten to celebrate? It’s so easy to forget how hard you’ve worked, the worries and concerns you’ve overcome, the difference you’ve made for yourself and others. Why is this? Well because, as we come to the end of something, we are focused on ‘what’s next’.

So, here’s a challenge I get my clients to do, so they don’t forget to celebrate, and I’d like to share it with you, so you don’t forget YOU either.

For the next 7 days, at the end of the day, please answer the following questions;

1) What am I most proud of achieving today?

2) What difference has this achievement delivered to me?

3) What difference has this achievement delivered to others?

4) Which FOUR words best describe how I feel about achieving the difference I’ve made for myself AND for others?

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