Are you hiding? Hiding from the fact you hate work?

Here's a question for you, 'How happy are you at work?' Could you answer instantly or did you pause and feel quite emotional about answering?

Work is a massive part of our lives and when it isn't giving us what we need it can make life hideous, both in work and at home. It's not always that easy to spot though, because just in general conversations we so often hear people talking about hating their work, their boss, the company they work for or even the clients they have, so hating work has become almost an accepted thing you just have to deal with.

It isn't and you don't have to accept it.

You do however need to accept you hate it, be honest with yourself about how unhappy work is really making you.

As shit as realising this is true for you is, once you accept it's a problem, then you can start to sort it out.

So here's a few questions to ponder to get your started on sorting your unhappiness at work out

1) Reflect back on a time that you were happy at work, when was this? what was it about that time that made you happy? (people/culture/project/your manager? etc).

2) What job would you just love to have right now? And what is it about that job that attracts you too it?

3) What are your values? It's so important that your values fit to the values of the company you work for or run.

Now consider what is your next step in making the changes you need to happen and who can you help you achieve them?

If you'd like to know more about how I can help you make the changes you need please send me an email on, give me a call on +44 7464 599 614 or visit my website

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