Your needs matter, do you prioritise them?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

As the picture above points out, selfcare is not a luxury, yet we so often forget to make it a priority for ourselves

However, if you don’t put back into yourself, what you’ve taken out of yourself, then before you know it, you are running on fumes and that leads to you being exhausted, frustrated and having a serious lack of headspace

Sound familiar?

So how do you, make your needs the priority they need to be, that they should be, when they so easily slip off your radar and get forgotten?

By taking it a bit at a time, slowly integrating doing this into your life, your daily life, so before you know it, it’s something you ensure you do each and everyday

Would you like that?

It’s not something you have to achieve alone

Come and join my 7 Day ‘Getting More For You’ Challenge. It starts on the 23rd February and runs all the way through to the 1st March, setting you up to have a fabulous kickstart to March for you where you remember to prioritise your needs as well as others

So, by the time the March starts you’ll have learnt how to prioritise your ‘Me Time’, have ideas of different things you can do so that even on the tightest of days for time, you’ll still be able to do something for you.

You'll also have gained through the 3 mindset powers days in the challenge, strategies to enable you to stay calm and composed no matter what is hitting the fan, how to recognise and overcome self limiting beliefs and where you can be getting more, so you can go and get it!

This challenge starts on the 23rd February, but you don’t have to wait until then to get my support and encouragement to remember to look after you, the Facebook group is open now, click the link

The Looking After Me group is open and has over 160 amazing members who are already working on and enjoying making their needs a priority and keeping their mindset positive, so you’ve plenty of ideas and support on hand before the challenge even starts

So, don’t miss out

Get your needs to be the priority they should be by joining the group right now, link below

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