The Career MOT Online Diagnostic Tool


Do you feel you are in the wrong role for you but you are unclear as to why that is?


Do you feel you've outgrown your role, it's no longer a challenge, its a drain.  You play around with deadlines to create a sense of urgency to motivate you to get stuff done?


If this is you, then what you need to make the right changes for you is clarity.


The Career MOT is a simple diagnostic tool designed to provide you with the clarity you need.


This diagnoistic tool will uncover for you;


  • Where you are in your career
  • What is working for you
  • What you want to change
  • What requires immediate attention
  • Whether you are ready for something new


This online diagnostic tool takes 45 minutes to complete and delivers you the clarity you need to make informed decisions, maximise the opportunities available to you and understand what you need from a role to feel fulfilled, confidence and motivated.


If you would like to discuss this in more detail please submit a contact form and I would be happy to discuss with you what you are looking to achieve.

Career MOT Online Diagnostic Tool

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