Are you feeling frustrated, disengaged and like you are running on empty? Living with problems rather than solving them?
I help you, to turn this around, by combining psychology and coaching.  Getting you back to being your amazing self.

How I Can Help You

I started a coaching trainer course, because I knew finally knew that is my ‘fit’ and set up ThriveMinds with a mission.  This is to help people rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and motivation enabling them to take action and make decisions.


In each session I combine psychology and coaching techniques to smash down my client’s self limiting beliefs (The I can’t statements) and restore their confidence and motivation by coaching them through tools and techniques so they understand why they think and feel as they do and how to take control of their negative thinking.


Coaching changed my life, not only did it restore my confidence, self-esteem and motivation when I was badly in need of it, it has also given me my ‘fit’ and enables me to do what I love, which is work with amazing people and see them get back to being their amazing.


1 2 1 Coaching

Coaching inspires individuals to maximise their potential both personally and professionally by discovering, supporting and challenging their own thinking.




Remember a yam evolves as you mold it, recheck regularly that it still aligns with your self-motivation needs with the team you manage.


Career progression

Your unique motivators
discover your motivators, we are all different and overtime change through experience so it’s important to know your motivators.