Are you ready to Dare to Thrive?


And finally achieve what you know you are capable of?


Starting Monday 8th March 2021


What if I told you, you could stop;

  • Feeling that you aren’t achieving all that you know you can
  • Questioning yourself
  • Hanging back from sharing your ideas
  • Hiding your light under a bushel
  • Unselling yourself
  • Worrying about your future being unclear
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Sacrificing your own needs


Course price £297


“Having clarity and confidence are key to success”


What clients say


Thanks to you Cathy, I’m now able to have the balance of work exciting me without burning me out and not being there for myself and my family

S Jackson


Cathy's 'Dare To Thrive' programme came at just the right time for me. Working through the activities each week really helped me to appreciate what I had achieved so far in my career, to get perspective on what was holding me back, and to understand how to move forward in fulfilling my potential.


In particular, I found the weekly accountability calls with Cathy were great for getting both support and insight. Even now that I have finished the programme, I like that I have the workbook and my notes to go back to whenever I want

C Doyle


Are you ready to finally achieve what you know you are capable of?


Here’s what you’ll learn and more;


  • How to access your long locked up potential

No more knowing you can do more, hiding your brilliance and shying away from sharing your thoughts and ideas


  • How to gain the clarity on what is working for you, what isn’t and why

No more feeling frustrated that your future feels unclear, that you are stuck with your lot and just have to make the best of it.


  • How to be proud of who you are and your capabilities

No more worrying that your way of doing things isn’t the right way, that you have to be more like other people to succeed


  • How to put yourself first without feeling guilty

No more pushing yourself until you are running on fumes because you forget yourself and then feel guilty to wanting to put your needs as a priority


  • How to write your 2021 goals so they inspire and motivate you

No more writing goals that feel like chores you have to deliver, you now have goals that you want, that are taking you where you want to go and fill you with excitement to get there


  • Have support, encouragement and accountability through weekly 1:2:1 calls with myself

You don’t have to figure out what you want your future to look like alone, I’ll be there with you throughout the entire eight weeks


What clients say;


Through Dare to Thrive I was able to make discoveries about myself and my business which helped me to steer my business to a brighter and exciting future whilst keeping my head in a sensible and healthy place

K Shelmerdine


Dare to Thrive was a brilliant course for me. It allowed me to give myself a thorough career MOT and reflect positively on what I have achieved in the last 12 months. The eight sessions were carefully planned, and I found the accountability calls particularly useful.


The content is such that you have it in your tool-box forever and can call on the process any time in the future to help you reassess where you are in your career and set the right goals for you. It can also help you make a positive change and get you out of a rut if that’s what you need. There will be nothing but a positive outcome if you give this course a try

S Boswell


Here’s what you’ll get in this course;


  • Weekly workbooks of activities that enable you to gain the clarity you need to steer yourself to the future you desire.
  • Weekly videos explaining the activities in each week workbook to provide you with guidance to support to get the most from each week
  • Weekly accountability calls with myself; to support, encourage and keep you on track
  • An insightful and interesting eight-week experience where you gain insights about yourself
  • Clarity on where you want to make changes ,so you are daring to Thrive!


Course starts Monday 8th March 2021


Total course price £297


Imagine never having too;


  • Try to fit in, when it’s not the right fit for you
  • Run on fumes because work takes more from you than it gives you
  • Look to your future and find it unclear
  • Doubt yourself and whether you can really do this
  • Wish your life was different
  • Forget you and your needs


Total course price £297 only 12 client's per cohort

Dare to Thrive

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