Why can't I think of something??

Why can’t I think of something??

Stressed doesn’t always feel like your mind is running at a 100 miles a hour, thoughts swirling around your head, all confused and hectic.

Sometimes stress feels like you're empty, empty of ideas, empty of energy, you try to think and all you get back is quiet, nothing in your mind, it’s like when you get a blank screen on your laptop or phone, it’s just a response of nothing!

Now in someways it’s more scary than when your mind is full, full of swirling hecticness, because at least there is stuff there.

When all you get back is silence, then you get even more stressed and think shit now what do I do????

In these times you are fatigued, you need a break and don’t worry I don’t mean a two week holiday, although of course that would be great.

What you need right now is an actual break now.

When you feel stressed, taking a break actually becomes harder even though that’s the absolutely right thing to do.


Because you worry if you take a break then you’ll only return to having the same problem so how’s it going to help?

It’s going to help because it will enable you to recharge, refresh and return with a different mindset.

Then the ideas will come and you can move forward with what was stressing you out

So how do you take this much needed break?

By changing what you are currently doing which is trying to identify a solution to what is causing you to feel stressed to something completely different, a distraction from thinking this just for a while to give you a break.

Answer the below questions.

Jot down below five things you enjoy doing.






Now reflect, when did I last do each of these five things?, note below;






Now plan to do one of these by this time tomorrow, it doesn't have to be for hours, even 15 minutes can give you a much needed recharge.

Put it in your diary so you keep the time for it tomorrow and do it, because this will support you with any stress you experience tomorrow.

Now go grab yourself a drink.

When you return from getting yourself a drink go back to the problem that was stressing you and let the ideas come.

The technique is part of The Wellbeing Builder, an online library of techniques to restore, build and boost Your Confidence, Your Motivation, Your Wellbeing and Your Mindset. To get immediate access click on the link

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