Understanding our inner voice

We all have an inner voice. It speaks to us all the time – but nobody else can hear it; and we can’t hear others’ inner voices. Our inner voice will encourage us to either do things or not do things. It will continuously give us feedback, negative and positive. It is the loudest thing we hear and by learning to control our inner voice, we can achieve more.

We know that others judge us based upon our appearance, our behaviour and our outer voice. As a result we think, most of the time, very carefully about what our outer voice says. For example, we would not say to others how great we are, for fear of being thought of as arrogant.

We can’t be judged on what our inner voice says, because we can only hear our own inner voice. Therefore by training our inner voice to use positive language we can increase our confidence and self-esteem, enabling us to achieve more.

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