Smash Through Your Frustration

What do you do when frustration has taken over?

You can loose precious hours stuck in the frustration cycle if you don't take action

But how to take action?

What can you do to get from frustrated to motivated?

Get a pen and some paper and write out everything you are thinking, everything you are feeling, the whole lot, a rant on paper.

Don't worry about your spelling or whether you are writing uppercase, lowercase or a mixture of both, how hard you are pushing down the pen, none of that matters.

What matters is that you focus on getting everything out, everything out on that paper.


Walk away from the paper for around 10 minutes, making yourself a brew is always a good thing to do at this point.

When you return to the paper, circle anything you can do something about.

Then from what you have circled make a to do list.

Then rip up the paper and put it in the bin.

Now you'll

  • Have got rid of your frustration and out of the frustration cycle

  • You'll have clarity on the actions you need to take

  • You'll feel motivated to cary out the actions you've identified

Works brilliantly every single time!

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