Releasing frustration

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Now is a time when many of us return from holiday and re-assess our goals; sometimes this can bring a sense of frustration if we haven’t got as far with our goals as we would like.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned – we can make goals and plan the steps to achieve those goals, but goals almost always have inter-dependencies. If we are relying on other people to do something and they haven’t done it, this can stall or completely de-rail the achievement of our goal.

This is when frustration can set in and we start to carry around a ‘grudge bag’ of frustrations and negative feelings towards either a concept, such as our goal, or a person, maybe the person who stopped us achieving our goal.

We need to recognise this feeling and acknowledge that we are holding in this frustration and carrying it around with us. By emptying our grudge bag we can make a fresh start and rid ourselves of frustration and negative feelings.

Simply acknowledging our frustration is a powerful thing, and from here we can set aside the frustration, re-engage with the goal we set and continue working towards it.

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