Positive Thinking Day

13th September is Positive Thinking Day, a chance to concentrate on positivity and remember the benefits of positive thinking.

As we have discussed in a previous blog our inner voice can be an extremely negative influence and it is important to remember this and constantly work to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

If we are aware of the negativity our inner voice can bring, we can work to reduce the negativity and counter it with positive thinking and positive affirmations. We can maximise positive thoughts when our mind has time to roam free, for instance by going on a long walk, walking to work, or doing some physical exercise.

Remembering to be kind to ourselves is a great way to bring positivity to our day – think about how your inner voice sounds and consider whether the things it is saying are the sort of things you would say to someone else. Speak to yourself as kindly as you would to a friend or family member.

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