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Smashed All Your Goals? Where Next? 

You started out with a goal that was so big you didn’t actually think it was possible.  You got closer and closer until one day it stopped looking impossible and you realised it was actually possible. 

You worked hard, you were successful and then the big goal became a reality. You did it! What was once an idea that lived in your head is now your reality and the money is in the bank.  So, what next?

Are you afraid of losing it all? Do you feel like it took so long to get here that now you are terrified it will all go again?  You don't want to go back to the way things were but now you’re here, you’re so scared you aren't enjoying it. The fear is sucking out all the joy.  

“How do I keep this going?”

I’ve worked with lots of successful business owners who feel this way.  To the outside world it looks like they're living the dream. They’ve made it.  They've gone through a huge transformation in such a short period of time. It looks like they’ve won the lottery of life. But behind the scenes they're in an emotional maelstrom.  

They start asking themselves big questions like;

“How do I keep this going?”

“What do I do next?”

“What do I do if this all goes tits up tomorrow?”

How they look to the outside world and how they feel are not congruent.  Going from having no money to having a lot is just as hard as having money and losing it. Rapid transformation, even if it is exactly what you wanted, can be a mental and emotional upheaval.  The brain needs to catch up with its new reality. 

Thriving in your new reality takes mindset work

To be able to thrive in your new reality takes mindset work.  

You may feel like your identity has been shaken. Before you reached your goals you might have been the person who struggled to make ends meet.  You might have identified as the person who had a goal and was laser focussed about achieving it. You aren't that person anymore because you have arrived at your goal. 

Maybe this new upleveling has brought with it challenges you were not expecting?  You might be experiencing a sudden loss of motivation and drive? All of this is perfectly normal.


How do you regain your motivation? How do you adjust to your new reality? How do enjoy the fruits of your labour.  It was no mean feat getting here, you deserve to enjoy it. Otherwise what was the point? 

Go back to the beginning. Ask yourself the following questions;

1) What was it about my business that fired me up? What was the part that I was excited about doing?

2) What is it that I bring to my business?

3) What is the next thing that I want to achieve?

The answers to these questions will shed some light on where you go next.  It may be that you reorganise your business so that you can step out of it completely.  This will free you up to direct all of your energy, passion and all those skills and experiences you acquired, into achieving an entirely new or different project.  

You may have some philanthropic projects that you want to dedicate yourself to entirely.  

When I have worked with clients who found themselves in this position I take them through a four step process. 

1) Re-organise - What is your role within the business?

2) Self motivate - what gets you fired up? 

3) Visualising and identifying the next steps 

4) Barriers - identifying and removing any barriers to moving forward.

If you’re feeling deflated or stuck and you need help getting past it let me know.  Success is not the end. You’ve achieved your original goal, great!

Now let’s see what’s next and get that fire back in your belly!

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