How To Prevent And Recover From Business Fatigue

“Business Fatigue” This is what I call it when a business owner, CEO, MD or senior leader feel they’ve had enough and just want to call it quits.  Are you running a business and getting to that point where you’ve just had enough? Are you at the point of walking away?

Whether you are running a business on your own, with a business partner or with a management team you can find yourself exhausted and disengaged with your business. We can all get business fatigue!  Running a business is a challenge. When we find the challenge positive, it’s happy days, when we find it negative then fatigue seeps in, quickly followed with demotivation, lack of confidence and disengagement from the business.

I’ve coached people at this point, when they’ve truly got to the point where they want to leave their business by either shutting the door on it and returning to employed work or selling the business.  Either of these is absolutely not a bad end point if it’s the right one for you, however if it’s business fatigue making you let go rather than what you truly want, check in with yourself to see if making some changes to your lifestyle could help.


Are you getting enough rest?  Tiredness can leave us with poor concentration, low mood and generally feeling rubbish.  Without sleep our bodies and brains cannot perform their vital functions and prolonged lack of sleep can have major impacts on our long term health.

Set boundaries

Have times when you are at work and when you are not.  This can be hard when you’re self employed or if you work from home.  Nobody can be switched on or available 24 hours day 7 days a week. Set your working hours and stick to them as much as possible, and always take a lunch break.

Take days off

We all need time away from work.  If you don’t spend time doing the things you enjoy and reaping the rewards of your hardwork what ultimately are you working for?  Work life balance is important for a reason. If we don’t get it right it can damage our health both physically and mentally, it can damage our personal relationships and it can damage work performance.  Getting the balance right is hard but if you’re struggling with a severe case of business fatigue and you are no longer enjoying the business you started, that’s a sign you need to work on it.


Taking time off doesn’t mean spending your free time with your mobile in your hand or your laptop on your lap constantly checking emails or updating your business’s social media accounts.  Your brain needs proper downtime, this means complete disconnection from all things work related. If you need to rest and recharge make sure people know you are not available during this time.  Unless you’re a heart surgeon or delivering some other life saving service the world will go on without you while you relax.

I combine my knowledge of psychology and coaching to understand what the root causes are to your business fatigue and coach you on how to get through these.  Together we can get you re-engaged and positive about your business.

If you don’t want to let go of what you’ve worked so hard to set up, I can get you back to being fired up, making your business your passion again.  

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