Dare to Thrive – The Story Behind It

Are you feeling disengaged and disillusioned in your career? Ready for something new? Unclear what that is and where to find it?

I set up ThriveMinds in 2014 after finding myself in this position, I’d been made redundant from a role that I knew didn’t fit me any longer, I was ready for something new, a change, but what? I’d heard of coaching, wasn’t entirely sure what it was at that point, however saw it as a great way to bring my knowledge and passion of psychology to people. I took a coaching course and it became clear from day one I’d found my fit, my way to bring psychology to people in a fun, engaging and powerfully changing way.

Quarter 3 2018 I made the decision to take what I offer online, I wanted to reach more people and explore how to make my stuff engaging and impactful online and there’s where Dare to Thrive has come from. This is an 8 week online coaching programme, each week is themed, these are;

1. Your Self Limiting Beliefs

2. Your Career MOT

3. Your Self Motivation

4. Your Performance

5. Your Goals

6. Your Action Plans

7. Your Opportunities

8. Your Thriving

Each week you gain clarity and knowledge on who you are and what you need and want from your career so you can start to maximise your opportunities and make decisions with confidence.

Feedback from previous cohorts;

‘Your program is helping me refocus on remembering when I really flourished at work, when I was motivated, happy and feeling in control, and, along with re-instilling in me the confidence and the knowledge of those things I excel at and the difference I to those around me.’

‘I look forward to 2019 and your program is helping me enter it with a renewed confidence, enthusiasm, and vigour. I may even go into business for myself...’

‘This programme is really challenging me to think about my future in a different way to anything I’ve done before’

‘I love your passion for the mind’

Are you ready to get back to enjoying and feeling fulfilled at work? Then email me on to join the next cohort that starts on January 14th and let’s get started!

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