Become The Detective Rather Than The Stressor

When we are faced with a challenge, there are two ways to go;

1. Arh, the world is ending, everything is going wrong, what if we can’t solve this?

2. Right, so let’s really understand what’s going on here so we take the right action

We all know that we want to react as number 2, but it’s not just that easy is it.

The reason we go head-first into reaction number one, is because we’ve gone into fire-fighting mode, we are just reacting so

as a result everything is considered a potentially big problem, we have no measure of scale or urgency.

We’ve pressed down our panic button, we’ve pressed it down firmly and as a result we get stuck in the hamster wheel of panic with a challenge for quite sometime

This means we are full of anxiety and stress, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start so as a result the challenge still isn’t getting resolved, which keeps our panic button pressed down and is why we get stuck in the hamster wheel of panic

So, we’ve agreed, reacting as option 1, is not the right way to go, so how do you go to option 2 then?

By becoming a detective, think of your favourite detective, they come to situations calm and composed and they do this by listening, asking questions and reflecting

What this means is they are building a picture of what is really going on, what has already happened and what needs to happen next

Rather than being in fire-fighting mode, they are in information gathering mode, so no panic button being pressed here

So you need to find your inner detective, turn on information gathering mode and avoid falling into fire-fighting mode

When presented with a challenge

  • Take a deep breath and give yourself a moment, you may initially feel the emotions going, the panic and anxiety building and that’s okay, it’s what you do next that decides whether you head into fire-fighting mode or you switch you mind into information gathering mode

  • Ask a question about the challenge, by asking a question as your first reaction, you’ll feel your emotions calm down and you starting to be more information gathering, when we ask a question, we think of other questions

  • Jot down all the questions you can think of that will be helpful to you in really understanding the challenge that needs addressing

  • That jot down next to each question who is best to provide the answer

  • Now you are in information gathering mode, as each question gets an answer, the clarity on how to resolve the challenge will become clear

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