Activating self-motivation

We all have goals. Very often we will have a mixture of goals. Some will be short-term, immediate goals; whilst others may be longer-term goals. The goals may also be a mixture of easy ones, as well as some that will stretch us.

Goals that stretch us can help us develop – professionally or personally. The satisfaction and reward of achieving those goals can be massive, and in some cases life-changing. But by the very nature of these goals being stretching, our inner voice may tell us that we can’t achieve them. As our inner voice is the loudest voice we hear, it is natural for us to believe it, and as a consequence we don’t even start working towards the goal.

This is when we need to activate our self-motivation.

A great technique to activate self-motivation is to visualise achieving the goal, using all of the senses. For example, if our goal is to complete a marathon, we would visualise running over the finish-line. Our visualisation would include – what we can see, hear, feel, smell and even taste. We would build-up a detailed picture in our mind. Using this technique the goal has come to life and now feels achievable.

This visualisation technique is really powerful at activating our self-motivation. Now we believe that we can achieve our goal, we can focus on how we are going to achieve it.

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