A great way to keep calm over Christmas

So as we enter the Christmas period I wanted to share with you a brilliant way to stay calm and positive. It's called the Rant Technique!

Ranting is usually considered the absolute No No isn't it? When done without a purpose, it really is extremely unhelpful to yourself and the person/people you ranted at. However, when you rant with a purpose, it the exact opposite, it's extremely helpful. So let's make your rant, should you need one, helpful to you.

Step 1 Write it all out. Everything that is annoying you. All your frustrations. Have a proper rant on paper. No-one is going to read it. Don't worry about spelling or grammar or whether you change from uppercase to lowercase throughout, just get all frustrations out of your head, all of it out, onto the piece of paper. Step 2 Walk away. Go and get a drink, highly recommend mulled wine at this point and if it's not too cold drink it outside to get some fresh air. Step 3 Come back to your rant and read through what you've written. Circle the things that you can do something about. Only circle the things you can take action on. Step 4 Transfer the circled items onto a bullet point list. This is your to do list.

Step 5 Destroy your rant list. Rip the paper up and throw it in the bin, shred it or burn it. Now your mind is quieter, the frustrations have left and you can decide on what you want to do next, you don't have to do your to do list right away, it's just there when you are ready.

The important thing is, you feel more positive, you're back in control and you can now carry on with Christmas feeling far more positive.

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