In just 4 weeks learn how to bring out your best in 2021

Are you ready to finally achieve what you know you are capable of?
What if I told you, you could stop;
Feeling overwhelmed and out of control?
Panicking about being found out?
Hanging back from sharing your ideas?
Hiding your light under a bushel?
Under selling yourself?
Worrying about every little thing?
Comparing yourself to others?
Sacrificing your own needs?
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Total course cost £197.00


Starting 4th January 2021

Clients have said...

S Jackson

Thanks to you Cathy, I’m now able to have the balance of work exciting me without burning me out and not being there for myself and my family

Here’s what you’ll learn and more

How to access your long locked up potential

No more knowing you can do more, hiding your brilliance and shying away from sharing your thoughts and ideas



How to remain calm and composed when faced with challenges

No more feeling your hard start racing and your mind going a 1000 miles an hour when faced with challenges



How to gain the clarity on what is working for you at work and what isn’t and why

No more feeling frustrated because you know things are right for you at work but you can’t see what these are and therefore have to opportunity to fix them



How to be proud of who you are and your capabilities

No more worrying that your way of doing things isn’t good enough, that you have to be more like other people to succeed



How to put yourself first without feeling you are neglecting others

No more pushing yourself until you are running on fumes because you forget yourself and then feel guilty to wanting to put your needs as a priority



How to write your 2021 goals so they inspire and motivate you

No more writing goals that feel like chores you have to deliver, you now have goals that you want, that are taking you where you want to go and fill you with excitement to get there

Total course cost £197.00

Helen Routledge

Her knowledge of psychology and behaviour was wonderful and incredibly insightful

Imagine never having too

  • Try and be someone you are not

  • Be taken advantage of by the business

  • Freeze when asked for your opinion

  • Doubt yourself and whether you can really do this

  • Feel you are out of your depth and that you are going to get found out

  • Forget you and your needs

Total course cost £197.00